C. Hernandez, J. Baier, T. Uras and S. Koenig. Demonstration Abstract: New Developments in Real-Time Heuristic Search: A Demo. In International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS), 2012.

Abstract: Our demonstration consists of a poster, videos and interactive simulations of real-time heuristic search algorithms for goal-directed navigation on a priori completely or partially unknown grids. It provides a brief introduction to real-time heuristic search by describing LSS-LRTA* and RTAA*. It then illustrates a performance issue of LSS-LRTA* and RTAA* due to depressions in the h-value surface. It describes the real-time heuristic search algorithms aLSS-LRTA*, daLSS-LRTA*, aRTAA*, and daRTAA* - which address this issue - and summarizes their properties. Our demonstration also illustrates a performance issue of LSS-LRTA* and RTAA* due to performing repeated A* searches around the current cells of the agent. It describes RTBA* and TBAA*, two real-time heuristic search algorithms that address this issue, and summarizes their properties.

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