S. Skyler, D. Atzmon, A. Felner, O. Salzman, H. Zhang, S. Koenig, W. Yeoh and C. Hernandez. Bounded-Cost Bi-Objective Heuristic Search [Short Paper]. In Symposium on Combinatorial Search (SoCS), pages 239-243, 2022.

Abstract: There are many settings that extend the basic shortest-path search problem. In Bounded-Cost Search, we are given a constant bound, and the task is to find a solution within the bound. In Bi-Objective Search, each edge is associated with two costs (objectives), and the task is to minimize both objectives. In this paper, we combine both settings into a new setting of Bounded-Cost Bi-Objective Search. We are given two bounds, one for each objective, and the task is to find a solution within these bounds. We provide a scheme for normalizing the two objectives, introduce several algorithms for this new setting and compare them experimentally.

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