S. Koenig and Y. Liu. Sensor Planning with Non-Linear Utility Functions. In European Conference on Planning (ECP), pages 265-277, Springer, 1999.

Abstract: Sensor planning is concerned with when to sense and what to sense. We study sensor planning in the context of planning objectives that trade-off between minimizing the worst-case, expected, and best-case plan-execution costs. Sensor planning with these planning objectives is interesting because they are realistic and the frequency of sensing changes with the planning objective: more pessimistic decision makers tend to sense more frequently. We perform sensor planning by combining one of our techniques for planning with non-linear utility functions with an existing sensor-planning method. The resulting sensor-planning method is not only as easy to implement as the sensor-planning method that it extends but also (almost) as efficient. We demonstrate empirically how sensor plans change as the planning objective changes, using a common testbed for sensor planning.

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