Project "Probabilistic Planning with Realistic Preference Models"
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Probabilistic search methods typically either maximize the probability or minimize the expected cost of achieving a given goal. However, human decision makers often have more complex preference models, and planning systems need to adopt these objective functions to be helpful for their users. For example, human decision makers are often risk-averse in high-stake one-shot decision situations, such as planning for crisis situations (for example, oil spills) or space applications.

While AI researchers had concentrated on how to search efficiently for more realistic (and thus larger) world models, my collaborators and I concentrated on how to exploit the structure of probabilistic planning problems to search efficiently for preference models that allow one to model the preferences of human decision makers better than the traditional ones. For example, we developed fast dynamic programming methods that maximize the expected utility for Markov decision problems with non-linear utility functions, such as an exact backward induction method for one-switch utility functions and several variants of approximate functional value iteration for arbitrary utility functions. These dynamic programming methods manipulate concisely represented functions from wealth levels to values. Overall, we developed probabilistic search methods for sensor planning, planning with risk-attitudes for high-stake one-shot decision situations, and planning for deadlines and other real-valued scarce resources, such as energy. I received an NSF CAREER award on this topic.

Currently, we are working on speeding up deterministic bi- and multi-objective search since many applications need to tradeoff between two (or more) competing resources, such as travel time and energy. Examples include solving transportation problems, planning power-transmission lines, scheduling satellites and routing packets in computer networks.

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