Project "Time-Delayed Teleoperation of Lunar Rovers"
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The goal of this project was to build a navigation system that allows nonexperts on earth to drive rovers on the moon. Such a system has to avoid damage to the rovers that might result from both the time delay between issuing a command and executing it, and the lack of training of the operators. To this end, we were designing a system where the commands of the operators can be changed by the navigation software that runs on-board the rover. This project was done at Carnegie Mellon University, as part of the Navigation Group of the larger Lunear Rover Demonstration project. The pictures are from a timedelayed teleoperation trial with safeguarding that I organized in the summer of 1995. The idea was to test the effect of safeguarding on the behavior of untrained operators of the rover. (The pictures were captured from video images, which explains their quality.)

Representative Publications

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