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First International Workshop on Search and Planning with Complex Objectives (WoSePCO)

Welcome to WoSePCO!

Deterministic search and planning algorithms typically operate on graphs where each edge has a cost. They compute paths that minimize a simple sum of the costs the edges they contain. Yet, in real life, planning objectives are often more complex. For example, decision makers must optimize over non-linear utility functions, or they must trade off between different cost measures. These complex objectives prevent the usage of standard reasoning techniques and necessitate more sophisticated approaches for exploiting the domain structure of problems and for scaling search and planning algorithms to instances of realistic sizes. The proposed workshop will bring together researchers interested in these topics to exchange research ideas and recent results, especially on using AI techniques to make multi-objective search and planning more efficient, effective, and robust.

A workshop co-located with IJCAI'2023 Conference ( in Macao, China.


All works that relate to complex search and planning objectives are welcome, including but not limited to:

  • Exact or approximation algorithms
  • Machine learning and reinforcement learning techniques
  • Evolutionary and metaheuristic algorithms
  • Multi-objective decision making
  • Constraint-based reasoning techniques
  • Theoretical analysis for search and planning problems with complex objectives
  • Real-world applications that involve complex search and planning objectives
  • Standardization of multi-objective search and planning terminology and benchmarks
  • Position and survey papers that describe or summarize trends and issues in the research community.

Format of Workshop

This one-day workshop features invited talks, paper presentations, a poster session, and community discussion.


Monday (August 21, 2023)




Invited Talk: From Robot Inspection Planning to Efficient Heuristic-Search: A Multi-Objective Journey

Oren Salzman webpage


Multi-Objective Demo

Nathan Sturtevant webpage


Coffee Break


Technical Session #1 (15-min Presentation + 3-min Q&A per talk)

Efficient Multi-Query Bi-Objective Search via Contraction Hierarchies

Han Zhang

Planning with Non-Linear Objective Functions in Partially Observable Domains

Paul Weng

Must-Expand Nodes in Multi-Objective Search

Shawn Skyler

Observer-Aware Planning with Implicit and Explicit Communication

Shuwa Miura

VBMO: Voting-Based Multi-Objective Path Planning

Raj Korpan


Lunch Break


Technical Session #2 (15-min Presentation + 3-min Q&A per talk)

Individually Rational Collaborative Vehicle Routing through Give-And-Take Exchanges

Hoong Chuin Lau

Heuristic search for multi-objective probabilistic planning

Dillon Chen

Optimal Path Planning on a Semi-Dynamic Subdivision Graph

Zhaoqi Zhang

Using Reinforcement Learning for the Three-Dimensional Loading Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem

Stefan Schoepf

Multi-objective Search via Lazy and Efficient Dominance Checks

Carlos Hernández


Coffee Break


Discussion and Closing


The workshop expects up to 100 participants, including program committees, accepted authors, invited speakers, and researchers who are active in the heuristic search, planning, and operations research communities. Other interested researchers and practitioners are also welcome to attend.

Submission Requirements

Submissions can contain recent and relevant work in all possible stages, including work that was recently published, is under submission, or is still ongoing. Authors of recently published or under-submission works are encouraged to submit their original papers or short versions (including abstracts), as long as these resubmissions are clearly labeled to avoid copyright violations. All submissions will go through a light review process to ensure they fit with the scope of the workshop and to verify that they meet an acceptable quality threshold. Non-archival workshop notes will be produced containing the material presented at the workshop.

Important Dates

All deadlines are “anywhere on earth” (UTC-12)

  • Submission deadline: April 30, 2023 May 25, 2023 May 31, 2023
  • Paper notification: May 30, 2023 Jun 11, 2023
  • Workshop: August 21, 2023

Organizing Committee

  • General Chair
    • Carlos Hernandez Ulloa, Universidad San Sebastián (
    • Daniel Harabor, Monash University (
    • Han Zhang, University of Southern California (
    • Shao-Hung Chan, University of Southern California (
  • Program Chair
    • Dor Atzmon, University of London (

Advisory Board

  • Sven Koenig, University of Southern California (
  • Ariel Felner, Ben-Gurion University (
  • Oren Salzman, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology (
  • William Yeoh, Washington University in St. Louis (
  • Jorge A. Baier, Universidad Católica de Chile (