S. Koenig, S.-H. Chan, J. Li and Yi Zheng. Artificial Intelligence and Automation. In Handbook of Automation, S. Nof (editor), Springer, 2021.

Abstract: In this chapter, we discuss Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on automation. We explain what AI is, namely the study of intelligent agents, explain a variety of AI techniques related to acquiring knowledge from observations of the world (machine learning), storing it in a structured way (knowledge representation), combining it (reasoning), and using it to determine how to behave to maximize task performance (planning), in both deterministic and probabilistic settings and for both single-agent and multi-agent systems. We discuss how to apply some of these techniques, using automated warehousing as case study, and how to combine them. We also discuss the achievements, current trends, and future of AI as well as its ethical aspects.

This is a preprint of the following chapter: S. Koenig, S.-H. Chan, J. Li and Y. Zheng, published in Artificial Intelligence and Automation, edited by S. Nof, 2021, Springer, reproduced with permission of Springer.

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