Teaching Scores of Sven Koenig

I am proud of my teaching scores (which are consistently between "above average" and "excellent" for all classes that I teach). These scores are listed below for your information. I work really hard on the classes I teach both because teaching is important to me and because I am enthusiastic about computer science, especially artificial intelligence and robotics, and I want the students to be as enthusiastic about these topics as I am. Four of my teaching assistants won best teaching assistant awards.

I am listing the scores for the question "Overall, how would you rate this instructor?" for ALL course evaluations available at www.usc.edu/course-eval in 2010 and earlier and some additional ones. The scores mean: 1 = poor, 2 = below average, 3 = average, 4 = above average, 5 = excellent. The scores of on-campus and DEN (= Distance Education Network) students get reported separately. Three scores means that I taught two sections since there are two scores for on-campus students and one for DEN students.

  • CS 460 (Undergraduate Level: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence)
  • CS 561 (Graduate Level: Foundations of Artificial Intelligence)
  • CS 573 (Graduate Level: Advanced Artificial Intelligence)
  • CS 599 (Graduate Level: Decision-Theoretic Planning)
  • CS 599 (Graduate Level: Advanced Topics in Search and Planning)

    The complete evaluation forms for the above evaluations are available for download.

    More recent teaching evaluations include:

  • CS 360 (Undergraduate Level: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence)

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